We are known as a supplier of quality equipment for affordable prices. Quality is in the first place for us and we subordinate everything to quality.
Due to long term experience, we offer a wide range of equipment in all price ranges.

Our TOP products

Combi ovens – top-classcombi ovensCombistar FX, winner of multiple awards at both global and national levels, for example the Gold Salima award for the best engineering product of the year 2010.

Granule washing technology – unique Granule washing technology with uncompromising quality, speed and washing efficiency, which is incomparable with conventional washing. Washing without pre-wash, from dirty to clean in only 3 minutes. Due to the advanced technologies is the return on investment only 1 year, thanks to saved money on energy and chemicals, as well as comfort at work, where conventional washing machines cannot compete. Wide range of granule washers suitable to every kitchen.

Cooking appliances – cooking technologies and stainless steel in high quality, which proves use of globally unique 3 mm thick metal sheets. Interesting design, quality without compromise, high reliability

Meals serving – Czech number one in transport systems and storage of dishes, manufacturer of insulated tray set system with active heating

Induction cooking – the future in cooking, only the best for your kitchen. We produce custom made induction modules in top quality and high realiability. All needs you have we can fulfill.